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The Writing Center

Students, tutors, and teachers focusing on writing form the Writing Center community and create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which writers work with other writers. Visitors to the center are encouraged to discuss their writing and writing in general.

The Center helps its clients become better writers, and to this end, here are our goals:

  • Helping clients enhance their skills
  • Helping clients move from writer-based to reader-based prose
  • Helping clients understand the value of creating multiple drafts
  • Helping clients see strengths and problems in their writing
  • Helping clients learn to proofread their writing
  • Empowering clients to own their writing
  • Nurturing creative ideas

The Center is staffed by tutors who assist its clients at any stage of the writing process. The Center welcomes students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and also offers resources for those writing in English as a second language.

Virtual Writing Help

The Writing Center has moved its operations online to support all students. Schedule an appointment by emailing from your University-issued email account or calling (337) 482-5224. Leave a message with a return phone number and a good call-back time.

Students should expect a response according to the following schedule. Please note that response times may be extended during the week of Spring Break.

Document submitted any time on this day: Expect a response by 8 a.m. on this day:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday