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Academic Programs

The Liberal Arts open doors for students in every profession and every field of human endeavor.  Our degree programs are an excellent preparation for the widest variety of careers and graduate programs students can choose from.  Whether it’s law school, journalism school, an advanced degree in a social science or humanities discipline, our programs and faculty give students the tools that really count for success and fulfilling careers and lives.

The College of Liberal Arts has academic programs in the behavioral/social sciences and humanities.  They vary widely in focus and methods, but they all aim to teach students a deeper understanding of the human experience and human society.  Students in the College can choose from thirteen majors ranging from History and English to Psychology and Speech Pathology and Audiology and countless concentrations, and almost one hundred different minors.  These programs share a set of common core values that are the most important assets for student’s futures:

  • Critical thinking: Each major teaches students analysis of human behavior and systems
  • Creative problem solving: our majors turn students into problem solvers
  • Self expression: all our students learn to present content and arguments creatively, effectively and elegantly through the written and spoken word and through a wide variety of media
  • Diversity: our majors all teach students to understand, appreciate and benefit from the diversity of human experience, culture, language and thought.

Learn more about our undergraduate programs and graduate programs.