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Administration & Faculty



Dr. Chad Parker, Interim Dean

Dr. Clancy Ratliff, Associate Dean

Kylan Melancon, M.P.A., Assistant Dean

College Staff

Alison Pisani, Executive Assistant
Susan R. Moreau, Administrative Coordinator

Allen Latour, Director of Instructional Technology
Austin Champagne, Technology Support Specialist

Main Office: H. L. Griffin Hall, Room 101
P.O. Box 43551, Lafayette LA 70504
Phone: 337.482.6219 · Fax 337.482.6195

Standing Committees in the College of Liberal Arts

  • Department Heads Council
  • Graduate Faculty Status Peer Review Committee
  • Engagement Committee
  • Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination Committee
  • Distinguished Service Award Nomination Committee
  • Outstanding Researcher Awards Committee
  • Distinguished Professor Award nomination committee
  • Outstanding Graduate Selection Committee
  • Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Professorship Screening Committee
  • Student Evaluation of Instruction Committee
  • Humanities General Education Committee
  • Behavioral Sciences General Education Committee