Celebrating a Century

To celebrate the College of Liberal Arts' 100-year anniversary, we invite you to explore our mission through events, exhibitions, and even a book documenting our history.

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College of Liberal Arts Centennial

The College of Liberal Arts is celebrating 100 years of educating and inspiring our students, our community, and beyond.

Once the home of all academic subjects across the campus, the College was founded in 1921. UL Lafayette has greatly expanded the scope and depth of academic opportunity over the last 100 years, and the College remains at the University’s core, offering a broad array of comprehensive programs in the humanities and social sciences.

A 100th anniversary is a major milestone and we’ll be celebrating ours throughout the 2021 - 2022 academic year with a great lineup of events and activities. We're excited to offer opportunities for current students, faculty and staff, alums, retired faculty and staff, and friends of the College from all over the globe to join the party!

Celebrating 100 Years

We're proud and excited to celebrate the impact — past, present, and future — that the College of Liberal Arts has made. Learn more about the College's core values and priorites below.

Building a Better Future with Engaged Scholarship

The essence of the Liberal Arts can be found in the creative and critical thinking skills embedded in every one of our academic programs. These skills are the keys that allow our students to expand their worlds, improve their communities, and effect positive change across society.

International Heritage & the Francophone World

The College of Liberal Arts’ emphasis on Louisiana’s unique history and culture — as well as to the special challenges faced by every participant of that history — ensures our students emerge as thoughtful leaders and mediators in the society that surrounds them.

Skills for Life

College of Liberal Arts students learn that the person gets the job, not the degree. Every single graduate leaves us fully prepared to blaze their personal path to a successful career and a productive life. Each of our majors teaches students the foundational skills of creative thinking, adaptability, and analyzing human complexity in a rapidly changing world.


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