Celebrating a Century

To celebrate the College of Liberal Arts' 100-year anniversary, we invite you to explore our mission through events, exhibitions, and even a book documenting our history.

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COLA Memory Project: Voices of the College

Over the last 100 years, thousands and thousands of students and faculty members have lived through and within the College of Liberal Arts and the University is currently known as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Over those years, many stories have been told, about elusive final exam locations and times; the physical travails of History majors and professors in Griffin Tower; the all-night study sessions in Dupre Library (new or old); the moment when a student discovered the major that was a perfect match for their interests and dreams; pastimes such as Zombies vs Humans, Dungeons and Dragons, and Trivial Pursuit; the dawning of true love; the expansion of thoughts and the broadening of horizons.

In 2021-2022 we celebrate all those memories and more! The COLA Memory Project: Voices of the College acknowledges that memory is as important for forward vision as for backward glances. Students, faculty, and staff members who have come through our College over the last 100 years have tucked away stories of things that happened to them or of the adventures of colleagues and parents who preceded them. Please untuck them!

We invite everyone to share their stories with the COLA Memory Project in one of the following formats:

  • Remote or in-person audio or video recording
  • Text narratives shared via email

To participate in the COLA Memory Project, email cola@louisiana.edu. Please specify COLA Memory Project in the subject line.

The COLA Memory Project welcomes photos and other memorabilia (for digitizing) along with memories. You can also tag your photos and memories on social media with #COLAMemoryProject.

NOTE: Sharing your memories and photos means you are giving the University permission to use them in print and digital communications. We reserve the right to edit for space and content.