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About Us

Expanding Thoughts, Broadening Horizons

The disciplines that make up the liberal arts teach us that societies may be complex and imperfect, but that they can be understood and improved. The people who will be most effective are those who possess the skills to take a situation, a problem, a controversial issue, or a thorny debate and break it down in detail to understand its parts from several points of view. This passion, creativity, and dedication to understanding how humans and their societies work defines the liberal arts. Students come to our College to develop the skills and knowledge they need to remake society for the better. Our alumni understand the value of what we offer because it enriches their minds, improves their lives, and opens doors wherever they go!

As it turns out, the skills developed in the liberal arts—critical thinking, analysis of data, and effective expression—are also the ones that employers repeatedly say they want when they hire college graduates. In this sense, the liberal arts provide the ultimate job training, along with a strong global understanding of important societal issues. Most of today’s college graduates will have multiple careers before they retire. And we know that the liberal arts give students what they need for landing that first job, as well as for subsequent positions and promotions along the way.

Our students choose majors they love and then seek careers in fields they care deeply about. It really all boils down to this: Find something that fuels your passions, dream big, and then pursue your dreams with the confidence that your liberal arts studies have given you a firm foundation for building a successful future in whatever field you choose!