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Spring 2019 Outstanding Graduate Interns in DC


Abigail Morton, 2019's Outstanding Graduate of the College of Liberal Arts, holds a Bachelors in Political Science/International Relations. She is completing a paid internship with the Episcopal Church's office of government relations in DC. The office advocates for the values of the Church on the Hill. This includes promoting legislation that grants relief to refugees, promotes environmental protection, ends corruption, promotes human rights, alleviates poverty, and feeds the hungry. They schedule meetings with members of Congress, attend hearings, track legislation, and create newsletters and action alerts.

"I was originally drawn to the job because I wanted to be involved in environmental policy on the Hill. I wanted to get some hands-on experience before going to grad school. My job involves researching and analyzing policy to send to my supervisor, Jack. I mainly report to him because he focuses on the environmental goals of the Church. Jack just attended the UN Summit in NYC, and later will be attending the COP in Chile. So, I have been looking into the workings of the UN, and what is expected to happen at these events. I also draft action alerts and newsletters that get posted on the Church website so people can get in touch with their members of Congress to speak out about upcoming legislation."