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Purpose of Social Studies Fairs

Annual local, regional and state Social Studies fairs present exhibitions of projects prepared by elementary, middle/junior high and high school social studies students. Each presentation is designed to show application of a basic principle or generalization or to show research in a study of people in their relation to physical environments.

  1. To give social studies students an opportunity to interpret the multi-cultural, social, political, and economic forces of our time.
  2. To recognize and reward outstanding scholarship and achievement by social studies students.
  3. To provide students and teachers with an opportunity to examine and to learn the ideas and principles of American democracy and the spirit of patriotism as taught in social studies.
  4. To provide students and teachers an opportunity to relate their daily lives to the ideas and principles taught in social studies.
  5. To give students and teachers an opportunity to compare and show what others are doing in social studies throughout the state.
  6. To encourage students and teachers to exchange techniques and ideas that have been successful in their classrooms.
  7. To encourage students to conduct creative research and discover ways in which they can contribute to the development of society.
  8. To lead students to draw heavily on all areas as a means of broadening and deepening social concepts.
  9. To arouse public interest in and appreciation for the broad area of content in social studies.
  10. To develop an appreciation and understanding among the public for the talent, skill and ability of youth.
  11. To encourage parents to become more actively and appropriately involved in the education of their children.
  12. To reinforce the Social Studies Content Standards (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Louisiana History, Political Science, or Sociology).