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Local & Parish Fairs

When a parish fair is held, the following suggestions may be helpful:

The parish curriculum director, principals and social studies teachers choose a date with the superintendent for the parish fair early in the year as to correspond with the parish calendar. This will afford each teacher sufficient time to plan projects with students. Careful consideration should be given in selecting a date for the parish fair to avoid a conflict with other community activities; this way the parents and public can view the projects. The parish fair must also be scheduled early enough to allow for participation in regional and state fairs.

In organizing the fair, it is recommended that a committee be appointed with each member given a specific task, such as: (1) providing space and facilities for the exhibits, (2) securing judges, (3) registering exhibits and exhibitors, (4) securing and awarding prizes, and (5) cleaning activities.

Students may act as assistants in all activities pertaining to the fair, except judging.

All parishes are encouraged to hold local fairs in order to select participants at the regional level. If a parish fair is not conducted, selections of winners in each division should be made by a committee of teachers.

It is the responsibility of the parish fair chairperson, upon completion of the local fair, to submit applications to the parish fair chairperson. It is most important that the parish chairperson know well in advance the number of proposed projects in order to arrange for display space and secure judges for the regional fair.

Each parish fair winner completes an application for entry in the regional fair. Applications and fees will be collected at the parish fair following the awards ceremony. Entry forms will not be accepted after the date of the parish fair. The regional director is unable to find space for unregistered projects even though the project would otherwise be eligible for the regional competition.

At their discretion, parish fair directors may have regulations more stringent than those of the regional and state fairs. However, projects entered at the regional and state level must meet all requirements listed in the accompanying documents.