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General Regulations for Teachers and Students

Projects should be related to a subject being studied and should assist students in learning more about the subject. Group and/or class projects may be entered in all divisions as well as individual projects. They will be judged separately and separate awards will be given. Emphasis will be given to those projects that require methods of research and inquiry, rather than just “show” displays or “collection of things.”

All projects must be classified by exhibitors at the time of entry according to the social studies areas listed in the chart below. Teachers should be careful that all projects are entered in the appropriate areas and division and that no subject area has an excessive number of entries. It is recommended that teachers strive for a balanced distribution of projects for each subject area.

Social Studies Fair Divisions

Division I: (Grades 4-5) Individual & Group

Division II: (Grades 6-8) Individual & Group

Division III: (Grades 9-12) Individual & Group

Disciplines in all Divisions

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Louisiana History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Individual projects are projects completed by an individual student without assistance from any other student. Group projects are those projects completed by two or more students in the same division. The number of students in a group project should be enough to encourage a pooling of talent and skill, but not so many that one or more of the group make little or no significant contributions to the finished project. Judges will be asked to question the speaker for the project about the development of the project.