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Child & Family Studies Program Information
Child and Family Studies provides the tools for understanding and working with children and families in a variety of settings. The program of study focuses primarily on the various stages of human growth and development over the life span, families in society, diverse relationships within families, human sexuality, family resource management, parenting and family law and public policy. Students in this program are trained to intergrate knowledge of child/adolescent development, adult life stages and human relations into service-oriented assistance.
To obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies, students are required to complete 42 semester hours of child and family studies courses which includes an internship in an appropriate community agency. The curriculum also includes courses in such areas as math, English, modern languages, history, behavioral sciences, computer science, the arts, statistics and biological and physical sciences. In addition, students must complete an 18 hour "minor" in another field (such as psychology, modern languages, business, etc.) that is in some way related to child and family studies or students' career interests.
A complete listing of course requirements is available in PDF.
(open PDF in free Adobe Reader to view or print course requirements)
Students enrolled in this program as of Spring 2006 without disruption.
New students and transfer students (whether transferring from another institution or from another major at UL Lafayette)


123.  Professionalism in a Child and Family Studies. (1, 0, 1).  Professional development, career choices, and ethical considerations in a global society.  Restr:  CAFS majors, minors or permission of instructor. 

223.  Introduction to Individual and Famiy Theories. (2, 0, 2).  Historical and contemporary theories and models.  Prereq:  CAFS 123.  Restr:  Sophomore standing. 

243.  Human Sexuality. (3, 0, 3).  Physiological, psychological, and social aspects of sexual development throughout the life span. Sexual involvement and decision making in interpersonal relationships. 

311.  Housing and Home Furnishings.  (3, 0, 3). 
Effects of housing on individual and family needs. 

323.  Family Relations. (3, 0, 3). 
Factors affecting family relationships and adjustments with emphasis on making knowledgeable choices.  Prereq:  CAFS 223. 

339.  Human Development: Early Childhood.  (2, 2, 3). 
Factors influencing individual differences in development.  Physical, cognitive, affective, and social domains of growth and interaction among domains.  Observation at UL Lafayette Nursery School Laboratory.  Prereq:  CAFS 223 and 243 or admission to professional program in early childhood teacher education.

340.  Consumer Education.  (3, 0, 3). 
Basic individual and family consumer issues in meeting economic and social needs; understanding goals, resources, planning, and decision-making in relation to the allocation of family resources.  Restr:  Sophomore standing. 

350.  Family Resource Management.  (3, 0, 3). 
Goal setting and decision-making; development and allocation of resources; social environment influences; life cycle and family structure influences.  Prereq:  CAFS 223; MATH 100 or 105. 

359.  Human Development: Ages 5 to 55. (3, 0, 3). 
Physical, emotional, cognitive, social, moral, and personality changes of individuals.  Prereq:  CAFS 223

369.  Human Development: Adulthood.  (3, 0, 3). 
Developmental tasks and changes of individuals and relationships.  Prereq:  CAFS 223. 

To enroll in any 400-level course, students must be admitted to the Upper Division; to enroll in a 400(G)-level course in which there are graduate students, students must have junior or higher standing.

429.  Creative Materials For Child Development.  (3, 0, 3). 
Methods of stimulating growth through creative activities in preschool.  Resource selection and preparation of new materials.  Prereq:  CAFS 339. 

431(G).  Family Issues in Gerontology.  (3, 0, 3). 
Individual and family issues of people ages 55 and older.  Sp.  Prereq:  CAFS 323 or graduate standing with permission of instructor. 

432(G).  Families in Crisis.  (3, 0, 3). 
Ways diverse families react to and resolve crises.  Emphasis on nature of crises, impact on family functioning, and methods of prevention and management.  Prereq:  CAFS 323 or graduate standing with permission of instructor. 

433.  Family Life Education and Methodology.  (3, 0, 3). 
Planning, implementing and evaluating family life education programs for diverse audiences.  Prereq:  CAFS 323, 339.  Restr:  CAFS majors only, semester prior to internship. 

437.  Environments for Young Children. (2, 4, 4).  Designing environments appropriate to developmental needs of young children.  Impact of social and environmental conditions on direct and indirect guidance techniques.  Includes participation at UL Lafayette Nursery  School Laboratory.  Prereq:  CAFS 339.  Restr:  CAFS majors only. 

439(G).  Parent Education.  (3, 0, 3). 
Socio-cultural and environmental conditions affecting families with children.  How parents teach, guide and influence children over the lifespan.  Prereq:  CAFS 339 and PSYC 313, or graduate standing and permission of instructor. 

440.  Family Law and Pubic Policy.  (3, 0, 3). 
Legal definitions, rights, and responsibilities.  Policy and advocacy skill development. 

443.  Ethics of Professional Practice.  (2, 0, 2).  Character and quality of human social conduct and the ability to critically examine ethical questions and issues.  Restr:  Graduating seniors in CAFS with a 2.0 cumulative GPA. 

447.  Internship in Child and Family Studies.  (1, 10, 6).  Class meetings and supervised observation and participation through placement at a family service agency.  Prereq:  CAFS 432 and 433.  Restr:  Graduating seniors in CAFS with a 2.0 cumulative GPA. 

449(G).  Administration of Child and Family Programs.  (3, 0, 3).  Resources for organizing and administering child care and family support programs.  Philosophy, policy development, methods, and advocacy skills.  Prereq:  CAFS 437 or graduate standing with permission of instructor. 

479.  Nursery School Practicum. (1, 6, 3). 
Supervised participation in nursery school environment.  Applications for program design, classroom management and parent involvement.  Prereq:  CAFS 437.  Restr:  Seniors in CAFS. 

497(G)-498(G).  I, II.  Special Projects.  (3 each). 
Individual research or writing projects.  Restr:  Permission of instructor. 
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